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Style Maniac Super Rechargeable Led Emergency light 3 Blade Table Fan
The centre of it is a fan. The blades of the fan are white in colour. You can use this lamp as a cool light during hot days. This product is designed in an unique way. It is compact in size and so you can easily carry it around with you everywhere. Due to its well make and durableness this product can lasts longer. It is basically a light and fan. It can be recharged to when the battery is low. User Friendliness You can use this light cum fan in a variety of ways. When your room is poorly lit up, then you can make use of this lamp. You can light this lamp to read or simply decorate your room. It is also incorporated with a fan. You can switch the fan on when it is too hot and sultry. In short, you can use this product conveniently. It offers you immense relief during the hot months. It is a comfortable companion and you can always keep it in your bag when you are travelling. It is a great ensemble for your home and cars as well. Shop online for this effective portable emergency light cum fan today! Key Points Fluorescent LED Light and built-in fan available Rechargeable Light Weight Easy to use and convenient


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