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Style Maniac Solar Emergency Lamp With inbuilt Power bank[Black]

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Quick Overview
Style Maniac High Quality Solar Emergency Lamp With Usb Port As Power Bank
Don’t get caught off guard with unceremonious power cuts as Style Maniac¬† brings to you the energy-efficient rechargeable emergency lantern. Emergency lights are battery-backed lighting devices that are used during power shutdowns. These lights are mostly used in residential buildings, and other places like college dormitories, in kitchens, etc. These lights come in handy during power cuts because they get switched on the minute the power goes.

Style and Design
It is a rechargeable portable emergency light with LED lighting technology. It is not bulky to carry around during power cuts at home or anywhere else too!

Quality and Durability
This high-quality emergency light gives you a soothing white light when opened. Solar charging option is also an option. It comes with a charging cord, so plug it into an outlet and it automatically turns on when the power goes out. This rechargeable emergency LED lantern is portable, energy efficient and has a unique bright light.

The material used to make the Style Maniac solar emergency lamp with USB port is Virgin plastic. It has solar and electrical charging and a power bank USB port. You can purchase this product on Snap/flip/shop/etc


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